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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on finding the best wood lathe, a versatile and indispensable tool for woodturners of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned woodturning expert or a beginner eager to learn, a high-quality wood lathe can bring your artistic visions to life by shaping wood into beautiful and intricate designs. In this guide, we’ll explore the essential features and factors to consider when selecting the perfect wood lathe for your turning needs. From motor power and swing capacity to variable speed controls and durability, we’ve got you covered with expert insights and top recommendations. Get ready to embark on a woodturning journey like no other with the best wood lathe in your workshop!



WEN LA3421 3.2-Amp 8-Inch by 13-Inch Variable Speed Mini Benchtop Wood Lathe , Black
  • Perfect for turning pens, bowls, cups, chess pieces, and other small workpieces
  • Features an 8-inch swing over the bed and a 13-inch distance between centers
  • Soft-start 3.2-amp motor starts gradually to prevent damage to the motor and maximize safety
  • Adjust the variable speed anywhere from 750 to 3200 RPM



JET JWL-1640EVS, 16″ x 40″ Woodworking Lathe, Variable Speed, 1Ph 115V (719500)
  • Extended spindle nose houses dual headstock spindle bearings
  • Improved tailstock quill locking mechanism incorporates an anti-rotation key
  • Tailstock features ACME threads for smooth and durable movement
  • Banjo uses non-marring, positive locking wedge system to securely hold tool post



RIKON Power Tools VSR MIDI Lathe (RIK-70-150VSR)
  • Powerful 1HP DC Motor provides ample power for all turning needs
  • Electronic variable speed controls, wider range of operating speeds, digital RPM readout for forward…
  • Pivoting belt cover for easy access when changing belt speeds
  • Ball-bearing construction for smooth, precise spindle operation



Powermatic 3520C, 20″ x 35″ Wood Lathe, 2HP, 220V 1Ph (1353001)
  • Added Precision: Digital indexing readout simplifies the indexing process.
  • Customizable Versatility: Magnetic-backed moveable control box.
  • Maximum Comfort: Adjustable riser blocks provide four inches of height adjustment.
  • Solid Toolrest Placement: Upgraded banjo features a non-marring, pinch-style clamp.



JET JWL-1015, 10″ x 15″ Woodworking Lathe, 1Ph 115V (719100)
  • Six Spindle Speeds: 500, 840, 1240, 1800, 2630, and 3975
  • 24-Position Indexing: you can turn your object to just the right orientation
  • Enhanced Tensioning System: Easier access to belts for more precision
  • Increased Rigidity: Bed ways have an increased width to give you more stability

Table of Content

Things to Consider

  1. Motor Power: Look for a wood lathe with sufficient motor power to handle the size and hardness of your turning projects.
  2. Swing Capacity: Consider the maximum diameter of workpieces that the lathe can accommodate.
  3. Bed Length: Evaluate the bed length to determine the maximum length of wood pieces you can turn.
  4. Variable Speed Controls: Check for adjustable speed settings for versatility and control over different turning tasks.
  5. Headstock and Tailstock: Ensure the headstock and tailstock are robust and securely hold the workpiece during turning.
  6. Tool Rest and Banjo: Look for a stable tool rest and easily adjustable banjo for precise tool positioning.
  7. Spindle Threads: Consider the spindle thread size for compatibility with various accessories and chucks.
  8. Construction and Build Quality: Check the material and construction of the lathe for durability and stability.
  9. Ease of Use: Look for user-friendly controls and features that make woodturning a smooth and enjoyable process.
  10. Brand Reputation: Research the brand’s reputation for producing reliable and high-quality wood lathes.
  11. Price and Value: Set a budget and seek a wood lathe that offers the best value for its features and performance.
  12. User Reviews: Read customer reviews to gather insights into real-world experiences with the lathe’s performance and reliability.

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